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/* $Id: fsa_defines.h,v 1.39 2005/05/25 12:51:02 andrew Exp $ */
 * Copyright (C) 2004 Andrew Beekhof <andrew@beekhof.net>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
#ifndef FSA_DEFINES__H
#define FSA_DEFINES__H

 *    States the DC/CRMd can be in
enum crmd_fsa_state {
        S_IDLE = 0,     /* Nothing happening */

        S_ELECTION,     /* Take part in the election algorithm as 
                   * described below
      S_INTEGRATION,    /* integrate that status of new nodes (which is 
                   * all of them if we have just been elected DC)
                   * to form a complete and up-to-date picture of
                   * the CIB
      S_FINALIZE_JOIN,/* integrate that status of new nodes (which is 
                   * all of them if we have just been elected DC)
                   * to form a complete and up-to-date picture of
                   * the CIB
        S_NOT_DC, /* we are in crmd/slave mode */
        S_POLICY_ENGINE,/* Determin the next stable state of the cluster
        S_RECOVERY,     /* Something bad happened, check everything is ok
                   * before continuing and attempt to recover if
                   * required
        S_RELEASE_DC,   /* we were the DC, but now we arent anymore,
                   * possibly by our own request, and we should 
                   * release all unnecessary sub-systems, finish
                   * any pending actions, do general cleanup and
                   * unset anything that makes us think we are
                   * special :)
      S_STARTING, /* we are just starting out */
        S_PENDING,      /* we are not a full/active member yet */
        S_STOPPING,     /* We are in the final stages of shutting down */
        S_TERMINATE,    /* We are going to shutdown, this is the equiv of
                   * "Sending TERM signal to all processes" in Linux
                   * and in worst case scenarios could be considered
                   * a self STONITH
        S_TRANSITION_ENGINE,/* Attempt to make the calculated next stable
                       * state of the cluster a reality

        S_HALT,         /* Freeze - dont do anything
                   * Something ad happened that needs the admin to fix
                   * Wait for I_ELECTION

      /*  ----------- Last input found in table is above ---------- */
      S_ILLEGAL   /* This is an illegal FSA state */
                  /* (must be last) */
      A state diagram can be constructed from the dc_fsa.dot with the
      following command:

      dot -Tpng crmd_fsa.dot > crmd_fsa.png


      Once we start and do some basic sanity checks, we go into the
      S_NOT_DC state and await instructions from the DC or input from
      the CCM which indicates the election algorithm needs to run.

      If the election algorithm is triggered we enter the S_ELECTION state
      from where we can either go back to the S_NOT_DC state or progress
      to the S_INTEGRATION state (or S_RELEASE_DC if we used to be the DC
      but arent anymore).

      The election algorithm has been adapted from

      Loosly known as the Bully Algorithm, its major points are:
      - Election is initiated by any node (N) notices that the coordinator
      is no longer responding
      - Concurrent multiple elections are possible
      - Algorithm
        + N sends ELECTION messages to all nodes that occur earlier in
        the CCM's membership list.
        + If no one responds, N wins and becomes coordinator
        + N sends out COORDINATOR messages to all other nodes in the
        + If one of higher-ups answers, it takes over. N is done.
      Once the election is complete, if we are the DC, we enter the
      S_INTEGRATION state which is a DC-in-waiting style state.  We are
      the DC, but we shouldnt do anything yet because we may not have an
      up-to-date picture of the cluster.  There may of course be times
      when this fails, so we should go back to the S_RECOVERY stage and
      check everything is ok.  We may also end up here if a new node came
      online, since each node is authorative on itself and we would want
      to incorporate its information into the CIB.

      Once we have the latest CIB, we then enter the S_POLICY_ENGINE state
      where invoke the Policy Engine. It is possible that between
      invoking the Policy Engine and recieving an answer, that we recieve
      more input. In this case we would discard the orginal result and
      invoke it again.

      Once we are satisfied with the output from the Policy Engine we
      enter S_TRANSITION_ENGINE and feed the Policy Engine's output to the
      Transition Engine who attempts to make the Policy Engine's
      calculation a reality.  If the transition completes successfully,
      we enter S_IDLE, otherwise we go back to S_POLICY_ENGINE with the
      current unstable state and try again.
      Of course we may be asked to shutdown at any time, however we must
      progress to S_NOT_DC before doing so.  Once we have handed over DC
      duties to another node, we can then shut down like everyone else,
      that is by asking the DC for permission and waiting it to take all
      our resources away.

      The case where we are the DC and the only node in the cluster is a
      special case and handled as an escalation which takes us to
      S_SHUTDOWN.  Similarly if any other point in the shutdown
      fails or stalls, this is escalated and we end up in S_TERMINATE.

      At any point, the CRMd/DC can relay messages for its sub-systems,
      but outbound messages (from sub-systems) should probably be blocked
      until S_INTEGRATION (for the DC case) or the join protocol has
      completed (for the CRMd case)

 *    Inputs/Events/Stimuli to be given to the finite state machine
 *    Some of these a true events, and others a synthesised based on
 *    the "register" (see below) and the contents or source of messages.
 *    At this point, my plan is to have a loop of some sort that keeps
 *    going until recieving I_NULL
enum crmd_fsa_input {
/* 0 */
      I_NULL,           /* Nothing happened */
/* 1 */
      I_CIB_OP,   /* An update to the CIB occurred */
      I_CIB_UPDATE,     /* An update to the CIB occurred */
      I_DC_TIMEOUT,     /* We have lost communication with the DC */
      I_ELECTION, /* Someone started an election */
      I_PE_CALC,  /* The Policy Engine needs to be invoked */
      I_RELEASE_DC,     /* The election completed and we were not
                         * elected, but we were the DC beforehand
      I_ELECTION_DC,    /* The election completed and we were (re-)elected
                   * DC
      I_ERROR,    /* Something bad happened (more serious than
                   * I_FAIL) and may not have been due to the action
                   * being performed.  For example, we may have lost
                   * our connection to the CIB.
/* 10 */
      I_FAIL,           /* The action failed to complete successfully */
      I_NODE_JOIN,      /* A node has entered the cluster */
      I_NOT_DC,   /* We are not and were not the DC before or after
                   * the current operation or state
      I_RECOVERED,      /* The recovery process completed successfully */
      I_RELEASE_FAIL,   /* We could not give up DC status for some reason
      I_RELEASE_SUCCESS,      /* We are no longer the DC */
      I_RESTART,  /* The current set of actions needs to be
                   * restarted
      I_TE_SUCCESS,     /* Some non-resource, non-ccm action is required
                   * of us, eg. ping
/* 20 */
      I_ROUTER,   /* Do our job as router and forward this to the
                   * right place
      I_SHUTDOWN, /* We are asking to shutdown */
      I_STOP,     /* We have been told to shutdown */
      I_TERMINATE,            /* Actually exit */
      I_PE_SUCCESS,     /* The action completed successfully */

      I_JOIN_OFFER,     /* The DC is offering membership */
      I_JOIN_REQUEST,   /* The client is requesting membership */
      I_JOIN_RESULT,    /* If not the DC: The result of a join request
                   * Else: A client is responding with its local state info
      I_WAIT_FOR_EVENT, /* we may be waiting for an async task to "happen"
                     * and until it does, we cant do anything else

      I_DC_HEARTBEAT,   /* The DC is telling us that it is alive and well */  


/* 30 */
      /*  ------------ Last input found in table is above ----------- */
      I_ILLEGAL   /* This is an illegal value for an FSA input */
                  /* (must be last) */


 * actions
 * Some of the actions below will always occur together for now, but I can
 * forsee that this may not always be the case.  So I've spilt them up so
 * that if they ever do need to be called independantly in the future, it
 * wont be a problem. 
 * For example, separating A_LRM_CONNECT from A_STARTUP might be useful 
 * if we ever try to recover from a faulty or disconnected LRM.

       /* Dont do anything */
#define     A_NOTHING         0x0000000000000000ULL

/* -- Startup actions -- */
      /* Hook to perform any actions (other than starting the CIB,
       * connecting to HA or the CCM) that might be needed as part
       * of the startup.
#define     A_STARTUP         0x0000000000000001ULL
      /* Hook to perform any actions that might be needed as part
       * after startup is successful.
#define     A_STARTED         0x0000000000000002ULL
      /* Connect to Heartbeat */
#define     A_HA_CONNECT            0x0000000000000004ULL
#define     A_HA_DISCONNECT         0x0000000000000008ULL

#define     A_INTEGRATE_TIMER_START 0x0000000000000010ULL
#define     A_INTEGRATE_TIMER_STOP  0x0000000000000020ULL
#define     A_FINALIZE_TIMER_START  0x0000000000000040ULL
#define     A_FINALIZE_TIMER_STOP   0x0000000000000080ULL

/* -- Election actions -- */
#define     A_DC_TIMER_START  0x0000000000000100ULL
#define     A_DC_TIMER_STOP         0x0000000000000200ULL
#define     A_ELECTION_COUNT  0x0000000000000400ULL
#define     A_ELECTION_VOTE         0x0000000000000800ULL

#define A_ELECTION_START      0x0000000000001000ULL

/* -- Message processing -- */
      /* Process the queue of requests */
#define     A_MSG_PROCESS           0x0000000000002000ULL
      /* Send the message to the correct recipient */
#define     A_MSG_ROUTE       0x0000000000004000ULL

      /* Send a welcome message to new node(s) */
#define     A_DC_JOIN_OFFER_ONE     0x0000000000008000ULL

/* -- Server Join protocol actions -- */
      /* Send a welcome message to all nodes */
#define     A_DC_JOIN_OFFER_ALL     0x0000000000010000ULL
      /* Process the remote node's ack of our join message */ 
#define     A_DC_JOIN_PROCESS_REQ   0x0000000000020000ULL
      /* Send out the reults of the Join phase */ 
#define     A_DC_JOIN_FINALIZE      0x0000000000040000ULL
      /* Send out the reults of the Join phase */ 
#define     A_DC_JOIN_PROCESS_ACK   0x0000000000080000ULL

/* -- Client Join protocol actions -- */
#define     A_CL_JOIN_QUERY         0x0000000000100000ULL
#define     A_CL_JOIN_ANNOUNCE      0x0000000000200000ULL
      /* Request membership to the DC list */
#define     A_CL_JOIN_REQUEST 0x0000000000400000ULL
      /* Did the DC accept or reject the request */
#define     A_CL_JOIN_RESULT  0x0000000000800000ULL

/* -- Recovery, DC start/stop -- */
      /* Something bad happened, try to recover */
#define     A_RECOVER         0x0000000001000000ULL
      /* Hook to perform any actions (apart from starting, the TE, PE 
       * and gathering the latest CIB) that might be necessary before 
       * giving up the responsibilities of being the DC.
#define     A_DC_RELEASE            0x0000000002000000ULL
      /* */
#define     A_DC_RELEASED           0x0000000004000000ULL
      /* Hook to perform any actions (apart from starting, the TE, PE
       * and gathering the latest CIB) that might be necessary before
       * taking over the responsibilities of being the DC.
#define     A_DC_TAKEOVER           0x0000000008000000ULL

/* -- Shutdown actions -- */
#define     A_SHUTDOWN        0x0000000010000000ULL
#define     A_STOP                  0x0000000020000000ULL
#define     A_EXIT_0          0x0000000040000000ULL
#define     A_EXIT_1          0x0000000080000000ULL

#define     A_SHUTDOWN_REQ          0x0000000100000000ULL

/* -- CCM actions -- */
#define     A_CCM_CONNECT           0x0000001000000000ULL
#define     A_CCM_DISCONNECT  0x0000002000000000ULL
      /* Process whatever it is the CCM is trying to tell us.
       * This will generate inputs such as I_NODE_JOIN,
#define     A_CCM_EVENT       0x0000004000000000ULL
#define     A_CCM_UPDATE_CACHE      0x0000008000000000ULL

/* -- CBI actions -- */
#define     A_CIB_INVOKE            0x0000010000000000ULL
#define     A_CIB_START       0x0000020000000000ULL
#define     A_CIB_STOP        0x0000040000000000ULL
#define A_CIB_INVOKE_LOCAL    0x0000080000000000ULL

/* -- Transition Engine actions -- */
      /* Attempt to reach the newly  calculated cluster state.  This is 
       * only called once per transition (except if it is asked to
       * stop the transition or start a new one).
       * Once given a cluster state to reach, the TE will determin
       * tasks that can be performed in parallel, execute them, wait
       * for replies and then determin the next set until the new
       * state is reached or no further tasks can be taken.
#define     A_TE_INVOKE       0x0000100000000000ULL
#define     A_TE_START        0x0000200000000000ULL
#define     A_TE_STOP         0x0000400000000000ULL
#define     A_TE_CANCEL       0x0000800000000000ULL
#define     A_TE_HALT         0x0001000000000000ULL

/* -- Policy Engine actions -- */
      /* Calculate the next state for the cluster.  This is only
       * invoked once per needed calculation.
#define     A_PE_INVOKE       0x0002000000000000ULL
#define     A_PE_START        0x0004000000000000ULL
#define     A_PE_STOP         0x0008000000000000ULL
/* -- Misc actions -- */
      /* Add a system generate "block" so that resources arent moved
       * to or are activly moved away from the affected node.  This
       * way we can return quickly even if busy with other things.
#define     A_NODE_BLOCK            0x0010000000000000ULL
      /* Update our information in the local CIB */
#define A_UPDATE_NODESTATUS   0x0020000000000000ULL
#define     A_CIB_BUMPGEN           0x0040000000000000ULL
#define     A_READCONFIG            0x0080000000000000ULL

/* -- LRM Actions -- */
      /* Connect to the Local Resource Manager */
#define     A_LRM_CONNECT           0x0100000000000000ULL
      /* Disconnect from the Local Resource Manager */
#define A_LRM_DISCONNECT      0x0200000000000000ULL
#define A_LRM_INVOKE          0x0400000000000000ULL
#define A_LRM_EVENT           0x0800000000000000ULL

/* -- Logging actions -- */
#define     A_LOG             0x1000000000000000ULL
#define     A_ERROR                 0x2000000000000000ULL
#define     A_WARN                  0x4000000000000000ULL

#define     O_PE_RESTART            (A_PE_START|A_PE_STOP)
#define     O_TE_RESTART            (A_TE_START|A_TE_STOP)
#define     O_CIB_RESTART           (A_CIB_START|A_CIB_STOP)


 * "register" contents
 * Things we may want to remember regardless of which state we are in.
 * These also count as inputs for synthesizing I_*
#define     R_THE_DC    0x00000001ULL /* Are we the DC? */
#define     R_STARTING  0x00000002ULL /* Are we starting up? */
#define     R_SHUTDOWN  0x00000004ULL /* Are we trying to shut down? */
#define     R_STAYDOWN  0x00000008ULL /* Should we restart? */

#define R_JOIN_OK 0x00000010ULL /* Have we completed the join process */
#define     R_HAVE_RES  0x00000040ULL /* Do we have any resources running
                               locally */
#define     R_INVOKE_PE 0x00000080ULL /* Does the PE needed to be invoked at
                               the next appropriate point? */

#define     R_CIB_CONNECTED   0x00000100ULL /* Is the CIB connected? */
#define     R_PE_CONNECTED    0x00000200ULL /* Is the Policy Engine connected? */
#define     R_TE_CONNECTED    0x00000400ULL /* Is the Transition Engine connected? */
#define     R_LRM_CONNECTED   0x00000800ULL /* Is the Local Resource Manager
                               connected? */

#define     R_CIB_REQUIRED    0x00001000ULL /* Is the CIB required? */
#define     R_PE_REQUIRED     0x00002000ULL /* Is the Policy Engine required? */
#define     R_TE_REQUIRED     0x00004000ULL /* Is the Transition Engine required? */

#define     R_CIB_DONE  0x00010000ULL /* Have we calculated the CIB? */
#define R_HAVE_CIB      0x00020000ULL /* Do we have an up-to-date CIB */
#define R_CIB_ASKED     0x00040000ULL /* Have we asked for an up-to-date CIB */

#define R_CCM_DATA      0x00100000ULL /* Have we got CCM data yet */
#define R_PEER_DATA     0x00200000ULL /* Have we got T_CL_STATUS data yet */

#define     R_REQ_PEND  0x01000000ULL /* Are there Requests waiting for
                               processing? */
#define     R_PE_PEND   0x02000000ULL /* Has the PE been invoked and we're
                               awaiting a reply? */
#define     R_TE_PEND   0x04000000ULL /* Has the TE been invoked and we're
                               awaiting completion? */ 
#define     R_RESP_PEND 0x08000000ULL /* Do we have clients waiting on a
                               response? if so perhaps we shouldnt
                               stop yet */

#define R_IN_TRANSITION 0x10000000ULL /*  */
#define R_SENT_RSC_STOP 0x20000000ULL /* Have we sent a stop action to all
                               * resources in preparation for
                               * shutting down */

#define R_IN_RECOVERY   0x80000000ULL

enum crmd_fsa_cause
      C_UNKNOWN = 0,

extern const char *fsa_input2string(enum crmd_fsa_input input);
extern const char *fsa_state2string(enum crmd_fsa_state state);
extern const char *fsa_cause2string(enum crmd_fsa_cause cause);
extern const char *fsa_action2string(long long action);


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